Interview: Third3ye — GVRDEN GANG — Do You See What I See?

The Chiefs had just won the Super14 the day Third3ye rappers Melowdownz and Angelo King travelled to Hamilton to shoot their first video ‘Third3ye’ with producer and independent video-director, Tony Douglas. Standing in front of a dairy busking Angelo remembers, ‘The bro [Melodownz] was going up with his hat asking for cash bro, and theyContinue reading “Interview: Third3ye — GVRDEN GANG — Do You See What I See?”

Raiza Biza + Friends Last Friday-A Review

Bar Medusa this past Friday was the home of prime hip hop and good vibes when it hosted the Raiza Biza + Friends gig. Opening for the night were Kaivai, The No Problemos , Dartel and Ninja Steps (DJing) to keep the crowd excited for the night’s festivities. To kick off the gig, Kaivai cameContinue reading “Raiza Biza + Friends Last Friday-A Review”