Interview: Nina Flash Gordon – in love with all that tack

“You could be wearing a paper bag, but if you’ve got attitude — wearing a paper bag in confidence — you’re going to look damn good wearing it.” ‘That guy who wore the clocks, what was his name?’ Nelson native and Jewellery Designer, Nina Flash Gordon, is talking about Flavor Flav… Flash Jewellery is amongContinue reading “Interview: Nina Flash Gordon – in love with all that tack”

Threads: ZOO JEANS — Embracing Animal Tendencies

  Japanese denim company Zoo Jeans have taken authenticity in fashion to a new level. From July 7th three pairs — The Lion Model (L1 and L2) and The Tiger Model (T1) — will be auctioned off and donated to the upkeep  of the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, Japan. Auction executioners, the Mineko Club,Continue reading “Threads: ZOO JEANS — Embracing Animal Tendencies”

Interview: Sunday Misfits – ‘Tomboys Who Love Boys Who Love Girls’

Auckland based clothing label Sunday Misfits are about to release their 2014 seasonal-drop video. Directed by long time friend and well-known Kiwi artist Askew, they explain: “Sunday Misfits is not just the two of us, nor is it just a business. When we started the thinking around it, the idea was to get as many cool females as we couldContinue reading “Interview: Sunday Misfits – ‘Tomboys Who Love Boys Who Love Girls’”