Raiza Biza + Friends Last Friday-A Review

Bar Medusa this past Friday was the home of prime hip hop and good vibes when it hosted the Raiza Biza + Friends gig. Opening for the night were Kaivai, The No Problemos , Dartel and Ninja Steps (DJing) to keep the crowd excited for the night’s festivities. To kick off the gig, Kaivai cameContinue reading “Raiza Biza + Friends Last Friday-A Review”

Raiza Biza-Sitting On The Cusp Of Something Big

Raiza Biza know’s he’s on the cusp of something big with his music. It can be felt off the back of his last album Dream Something, which collected new followers and new cities to tour- including the South Island of New Zealand which Raiza sees as new ground to break. “You know, there’s a lotContinue reading “Raiza Biza-Sitting On The Cusp Of Something Big”