Interview: Jay Knight, Standing Bright In A Shadow

At the beginning of New Zealand Music Month, Jay Knight released his first free EP titled E+M meaning Emotions + Motion. It features a track titled ‘Keller Helen’ for which he says only Diaz Grimm knows the meaning since he came up with it. For Jay, this May has been focussed heavily on pushing forContinue reading “Interview: Jay Knight, Standing Bright In A Shadow”

Interview: DJ Raw On Value For Time

   How many people do you know in music, or more specifically the hip hop industry, who have time to stop and help the next man out? Ian Seumanu or DJ Raw is known for being that man or ‘the man’ among his students. They say he has a way of teaching without saying muchContinue reading “Interview: DJ Raw On Value For Time”

Name UL- Seventeen With Rap Dreams

Wellingtonian Hip Hop artist Name UL says, “I feel when I’m rapping I’m contributing to the culture of hip hop. I’m rapping with a beat and people were doing it 10 years ago; people are doing it right now in New York, LA, Europe, Asia – and I’m in Wellington, New Zealand.” “We’re all justContinue reading “Name UL- Seventeen With Rap Dreams”

K*SABA: Where Jazz Meets Creativity And Dedication

When I came across Nubian Riot, a K*Saba track featuring HoneBeGood I wanted to hear more from him. The song blends smooth jazz vibes with a calm hip hop backdrop. Of course, it was truly remarkable how much more captivating he was live alongside Raiza Biza at Medusa last month. K*Saba is the type of guyContinue reading “K*SABA: Where Jazz Meets Creativity And Dedication”