Interview: Black Milk & Upendo Taylor Making Fuzz, Freqs and Colors

“If it wasn’t for Hip Hop I wouldn’t have a career today, because it gave me graffiti and through graffiti I found graphic design and that gave me a career path — and I’m able to use the things that I’ve learned through Hip Hop and graffiti and apply that to graphic design. That’s createdContinue reading “Interview: Black Milk & Upendo Taylor Making Fuzz, Freqs and Colors”

Interview: 10A —Winning Super Brawl And Working With Scribe On Rhyme Book

10A, who’s real name is Tenei Kesha, had his name misspelled on his birth certificate – not by the nurse, but by his dad – he laughs about it now, ‘give him the old one, two for that’, he reckons. But sadly, after his dad, who was also a musician, passed away a few yearsContinue reading “Interview: 10A —Winning Super Brawl And Working With Scribe On Rhyme Book”

A Little Bit of CTFD

We caught Hamilton  bass/ hip-hop underground producers CTFD this passed weekend when they played a gig in Welly. These guys definitely know how to set it off, having played at Rhythm and Vines last year, and played in front of thousands in Christchurch and Auckland for the  Illuminate Paint Parties. If that’s not convincing enough,Continue reading “A Little Bit of CTFD”

Review: Assembly – A Hallmark Moment

Assembly will go down in the new, new hip hop history that’s being created by an extremely talented bunch of people: Jay Knight, Spycc & INF, Diaz Grimm, Raiza Biza, Jane Deezy, Tom Scott and Tony Douglas all attended Assembly which was created when Jay Knight decided he wanted to throw a party with hisContinue reading “Review: Assembly – A Hallmark Moment”