Baby Mamas Club raises a fist for women of colour in New Zealand

“Don’t you know, we’re talking about a revolution sound, like a whisper” — Tracy Chapman Producer Mia Marama and Director Hanelle Harris are the duo behind a recent TV series called The Baby Mama’s Club. Unique in the way that it captures the lives of four young brown women from New Zealand, humorously linking themContinue reading “Baby Mamas Club raises a fist for women of colour in New Zealand”

A GAME OF SKATE with Too’OnPoint

One brief decider using paper, scissors, rock, then twin brother Shingi Murare kicks off a ‘Game of Skate’ match versus his brother Muche, the pair known as Too’OnPoint  meet me at their local park in Flatbush, Barry Curtis Park.  ALEYNA: So you guys grew up around here? I’m filming you. SHINGI: Oh shit, yeah weContinue reading “A GAME OF SKATE with Too’OnPoint”

Photography: Do you still dream? Nunu goes to Sudan

Sudan is home to the Nubian people and the Kingdom of Kush. It’s a deeply magical place documented as an ancient central meeting point for the world’s longest living race recorded – Africans. Fatima Sanussi (known to friends and family as Nunu) recently returned to the capital, Khartoum with a desire to make a difference.Continue reading “Photography: Do you still dream? Nunu goes to Sudan”