Music: Rich Valentine – “Love is what moves the sun and other stars”

Rich Valentine are a nine man unit from Perth representing the next generation of hip hop and street culture in Western Australia. Each member brings their own skill set to the table from social media analytics, event management, audio/visuals and of course beat making and rapping.

On the fashion side, their creative director Chritian Alteri says about their women’s range:

“In a general sense, women are much purer than men. When we were at The Louvre in France, I realised, no work of men could compare to what God created – and I wasn’t looking in the mirror or anything, I was looking around at all the people, especially the women.”

“I’ve found my voice and passion in women’s wear. You can be a lot more experimental with it, [creatively] it can be anything… We have guys wearing our dresses as well. We don’t see it as women’s wear, the world sees it as women’s wear.

On Saturday April 17th, Rich Valentine will host ‘VALENTINE CITY’ at Perth’s biggest club, Metro City; celebrating the release of their debut album L’avenir C’est Nous’, which means “the future is us”.

BLX BOI [MC]: The album title came from a French movie called La Haine with Vincent Cassle.

It’s about a group of young boys against systematic oppression. So we’re talking about our generation, but it also foreshadows us as artists in the music game and as artists in general.

Big Daddy [Creative Consultant]: What we’re trying to propagate in the creative space is the meaning of Rich Valentine. It’s drawn from two favourite quotes. The first is, “rich is in the mind, not the pocket”, that’s from Pharell’s Billionaire Boy’s Club and the second one, is the Valentine is from Dante: “l’amor che move ‘l sole e l’altre stelle”, meaning “Love is what moves the sun and the other stars,” that’s the mantra.

BLANKO, [MC]  says since the album was released in February, streams have been good: “I run Spotify analytics, it’s really cool to see Australia is our top country and then the next are the United States and the United Kingdom.” 

“Eventually we want to branch out to the US and we take a lot of inspiration from UK rappers as well.”


“We draw inspiration from a lot of different artists and a lot of different art forms; from Kanye West, T.S Eliott or Salvador Dali, Alexander McQueen.”

T.S Eliot is an influence because the way he constructed his prose and lyrics was to take and borrow from other poets, so the Wasteland used several poems throughout history, and  in a way it’s a mantra for art, to take fragments of something and rebuild it and change the meaning for a new one.”

BLX BOI: There’s a lot of people in Perth and Australia doing music and fashion, but we have put all those into a brand under Rich Valentine. We’ve managed to take style and music and expand from there and turn it into much more, there’s art and meaning behind everything we do and music is the fuel to that creativity. Our listening party was at the art gallery of Western Australia and that’s definitely the first time anyone has ever done something like that – a lot of people were surprised we could even pull that off.

LINO BROWN [Vocalist]: 

Collectively we draw inspiration from all different areas, whether that be culture, music and it all cultivates very well. We ’re more than friends, we’re family and it integrates very well. 

In terms of cultures the boys explain they are from an area of Perth where kids get made fun of for being poor, but the diversity means they can draw influence from their African, Spanish, Italian, Australian, South African, French and Fillipino roots. Trailblazing an example of what it means to be young and creative in the Australasian diaspora in 2021.

BIG DADDY: I think it has a lot to do with where we went to school – Aranmore just happened to be a melting pot of cultures. So far we have opened for the likes of Tyler the Creator and Gunna…just to get on the stage and share it with artists like that, the feeling of stepping onto it after them, I don’t even know how to put it into words, you can’t.

Our future plans are to throw a charity concert for WA. We want to support up and coming creative kids in the city. We feel pretty privileged to be in the position we’re in and we’d love to give back to the kids growing up in the city we’re from.

Tickets to the album release party on April 17th are available at

The event will be held on the rooftop at Metro City, and the live show will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube for those who can’t make it down.

‘L’avenir C’est Nous’ is out now in all streaming platforms.

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