Music: Liilone talks Punk Raps from King Country

Beau aka Liilone hails from a Valley called Matiere, deep in the King Country. His friend’s farm “was on Country Calendar last weekend,” he says, sitting in a tattooist’s chair somewhere in the 07 area. He is getting a dog inked on his leg, but we are talking about tomorrow, when he will drop his new video ‘SLIT’ produced by DENZ1.

Liilone says his new music is his story until now. From living in Fielding, then moving to Hamilton to make music and everything that has happened since. “When I saw one of MZWETWO’s first music videos on C4, I  decided to move to Hamilton then.”

Describing his sound as “punk rap”, recently he dropped a project called ‘Fromhell Vol.1’ featuring Jim2k and Stuss. He says new music, for him, is a succession from Stay Savage, which he started about five years ago with KVKA, BOBBYMAJOR, Stuss, DENZ1, Sam Gat and Tony Douglas.

There is something special there, he agrees. New tracks like ‘Overdoz’ represent growing pains and showing people who don’t feel like they fit in, that they don’t have to.

“Its time,” he says it’s not easy sometimes- being a presser learning to become a shearer; who loves to make music, rap and dress like a misfit. “But that’s what I’m doing it for, the weirdos, misfits, lesbians and for anyone who has ever felt like they’re and outsider.”

“Before I moved to Australia, I was popping like 40 plus pills a day and spewing up yellow and shitting blood, then I moved to Australia, went shearing and I’ve been on ever since.”

Interview below:

S: What are you most excited about dropping Slit this Friday? 

L: Finally getting the ball rolling after five years off hell .

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S: What do you love about working with DENZ1

L: I met Denz in my Dad’s shed way back in the day when KVKA recorded ‘Who You’ and we skated. Then he spent months with me in Piopio when I was working on the farm so I seen him come up from a terrible beat maker to a master of his craft lol. He inspires me and I’m proud to be working again after five years.

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