Make Up: Tallulah McLean @look.bomb

After life hands you out ripe lemons in succession, the bounce back can require a hard screw-face for a glow up. When this happened to Tallulah McLean, after a few shitty days, she rose to the occasion and her make up page @look.bomb was resurrected.

“When you provide beauty services you see people’s confidence boost so quickly. It’s so gratifying to be a part of that emotional/physical glow up for someone. I love making people feel good and it’s a super fun outlet for me,” Tallulah says.

It is a space where she showcases her superb eye make up blends and gives video time lapses of how she does it.

During lockdown, her page was a good reminder that people were still in their various corners of the world, slaying away at their art forms.

Tucked away in Te Horo, off the coast near Wellington New Zealand, Tallulah started getting looks on Insta from make up artist idols like Pat McGrath and Fenty Beauty. It’s small wins like this that make her an inspiration to follow. Featuring clients like Lorde and Venus X for Acclaim Magazine we can’t wait to see what McLean does next.

SERUM: Who are you in 10 words?
Tallulah: Loud, stubborn, right, talented, passionate, driven, and pretty as f*ck.

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