If the latest Bay Dreams line up is anything to go by, there is still a lack of representation from New Zealand’s African and third culture population in music, fashion and pop culture. Perhaps due to a lack of jobs and opportunity, especially for those working the events administration and behind the scenes realms.

So in comes Yordanos Berhane or Yordi for short, freshly finished with her bachelors in hospitality and feeling a renewed energy post lockdown – she’s hosting her first sold out show this Saturday with her new events management brand, LOOPED AKL.

Yordi says she wants to give people a taste of the vibrance she sees in Auckland and the potential she feels it has, as a hotspot for nightlife.

“No one will put us on until we put ourselves on. We’re no longer going to wait around hoping for other people to invite us into their spaces, it’s time to start creating our own spaces and catering to our people,” she said in the interview below.

Although tickets to LOOPED AKL sold out over night, there will still be limited door sales at The Chamberlain this Saturday July 11. DJ’s include Ill Baz, Halfqueen, Bbyfacekilla, Pharaoh Swami and Elknows. It is a Black Lives Matter fundraiser for which DJ’S have donated their time for free and all proceeds from tickets will be donated to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund in the US and Auckland Pride, Where It Matters in NZ.

“Afrodaze on the Friday and Looped on the Saturday will highlight the importance of Blackitty Black joy and I’m hoping Auckland City will come out to witness and support that,” she says.

Yordanos was also part of the team that brought out Aucklanders in the thousands for the Black Lives Matter march June 1, ending up on Al Jazeera, NPR and many other news platforms around the world. Their efforts have started a wave that’s washing through rigid, old systems that have previously blocked black people in New Zealand from telling their own stories. But, Yordi is here with LOOPED AKL and a legion of support at the forefront of that, hosting an events management company that presents a solution for how to make representation matter in New Zealand beyond a trending timeline.


SERUM: Where are you from/grown up?

Yordanas: I am of Ethiopian descent and grew up in Mt Albert, Auckland.

S: What do you do?

Y: I work in hospitality and I’ve just launched my events company, LOOPD AKL.

S: What is Looped by Yordi?

Y: LOOPED AKL is a business venture of mine that I have wanted to start for a long time. It is essentially an events management company which will be involved in a variety of events from community initiatives, youth programmes, and of course, parties. 

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