2020: An Pham on Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter in NYC

An Pham is an Art Director and hair colour specialist at Roman K Salon in Tribeca, New York. Having worked in the hair design field before leaving New Zealand in 2005 she is regarded as one of the world’s leading hair colour specialists.

 For a Kiwi living in the US at present – through Covid-19 and now national unrest as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to push against institutionalized racism for African-Americans, the Art Director/Colour Specialist said on Instagram:

In 2020 it is a confronting reality to exist as an Asian minority and the daughter of immigrant parents from Vietnam  and still understand that it is a privilege, in America to be that, and not a young black male.

Last week, Twitter itself decided President Trump’s tweet, threatening to release the US national guard on protesters, was a glorification of violence and took it down. An says this has been going on for African-Americans for too long now and that protests she’s participated in have been peaceful and “beautiful moments” to be a part of. Reiterating the importance of the media’s role in society, she says in the interview below more focus should be put on those moments.

Watching Lil Wayne’s new interview series on Young Money radio, Dr Dre told Wayne “this one feels different” referring to the awareness that’s being raised for George Floyd globally. Other black leaders have also echoed this sentiment.

She highlights the kindness she’s experienced during Covid-19 – because of social distancing restrictions she has been unable to work – but some of her clients have gone the extra mile to send her money and make sure she keeps her head above water. America still has the most Covid-19 deaths in the world and the possibility of going back to work still feels uncertain, but An says there’s no one to blame at ground level. For her, social progress and survival is orientated around kindness, self-reflection and love for those in her proximity.

Also a teacher, her boss Roman K described her style on his website:

An is a “World-class, ground-breaking educator across all courses. With her charismatic personality, creative ability and enthusiastic teaching style, she consistently provides an abundance of inspiration to both aspiring and experienced talent”. Her editorial work has been published in leading publications and includes work with Nike, British Vogue, Kiosk, Vice, Hard eats and Remix magazines. 

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Interview below: 

S: What’s it like not being able to work right now? 

A: The work thing is incredibly difficult, our lockdown date keeps extending because New York City is so densely populated that we can’t get the numbers down far enough right now for Phase 1 to begin.

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