Serum: What inspired this shoot?

Nirvana: A combination of a few things, mainly conversations between Kamal and myself. I wanted to pay homage to immigrant women.  I remember when I was very young my sister and I used to go for walks with my Nani (grandma) and Nana (grandpa) and Nani used to wear a sari, cardigan and walking sneakers. Most of us would have seen these Nanis, Aajis, Kakis, Mamis, Mausis, Fuas (aunties) around our neighbourhoods with similar outfits on. The pride they hold for our indigenous clothing combined with amalgamating into a foreign space and just wanting to stay fit. This became the focus of this shoot. 

S: With the creative direction what did you hope to capture in this shoot and do you feel you achieved it? 

N: I wanted to deconstruct ideas on how garments are worn and bring a street style element to traditional  clothing in a respectful way. I hope I did! 

S: What are you most proud of this shoot?

N: I’m proud of everyone involved. I’m proud of the models involved; I took them straight out of their comfort zones and they owned it in every way. I am forever grateful to everyone involved for having faith in me too.

S: What is Curry Gang 


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