Review: David Dallas — Runnin’ Tour, Wellington Show

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Missioning into Bodega, Wellington city, last Friday night for David Dallas’ Running Tour; local acts  Jay Knight, Percieve and Kid’ n’ Rei had warmed up the crowd so well, the condensation from people-sweat was already running down the walls.  This only came to our attention, however, when The Daylight Robbery band took the stage; our camera lenses had fogged up to the point of, ‘oh shit, we can’t shoot anything’. Anna from Jam Photography spent their first song outside demystifying her lenses. As TDR  began to play, the sound dynamic in the room changed and  the air began to carry a tenor of rock, jazz and funk which all came flooding into my ears, settling in and vibrating in my happy place. If I was to sought an adjective for TDR it would be ‘rumble’. Not in a I’m going to fight you kind of way, more like, ‘I’m going to get under your skin, in your bones and make feel good’ type way.

What was to come next was a David Dallas set unlike any I’d ever seen before. Partnered with Jordache from Fire & Ice; David’s crew, The Tint Squad had Bodega’s intensity levels raised to peaks, that would drop you down hard, if you were on a metaphoric mountain. I didn’t recognize Wellington in that show. The audience were on point. As Dallas has been saying on recent recordings like the latest single, ‘Runnin’ he is taking the country to unknown frontiers. On Friday night we saw what he’s been talking about.

Ending with Runnin’, fans were all too happy to take part in the show, clapping along to the opening sample which David’s said in a NZ Herald interview, ‘she’s a Catholic nun, who apparently thought she was the Bride of Christ’. Bodega could have been a pseudo gospel church as fans were all too happy to get loose. They were extremely in favour of this man, who recently achieved ‘endorsed status’ with G-Shock New Zealand presenting him his own watch. The word ‘endorsment’ in the dictionary is synonymous with the word championship, title, or crown and David seems to be taking his in New Zealand Hip Hop, not with gloat but dexterity, as well, if he is the figurative driver of this operation, The Daylight Robbery would be the brawn and the hub where the soul is. Put together, these guys are setting new standards for live Hip Hop in New Zealand. Yeah, Kiwi rappers have done this before, but it was the element of rock in the music and not jazz that captivated me. It took them out of rap and ‘Hip Hop’ stereotypes and the politics over what it ‘should be’. The Daylight Robbery’s EP can be downloaded HERE

Under The Radar reported on TDR: A ‘relatively unknown trio of brothers Chris (keys) and Ron (drums) with brother from another mother Sale (bass). [They] are set to bring a live show and production sound like no other on the NZ scene to date.’ This statement rang true Friday night, it felt like David had brought all his overseas experience back with him to offer a new option for hip hop fans locally — one whipping at the heels of successful American rapper status.  Without forgetting where they’ve come from the band rebuilt songs like ‘Get Out The Way’ and ‘Big Time’.

‘Shot Welly’ the quiet seeming Jordache acknowledged into his mic. ‘This is fucking superb’, said Dallas, who wouldn’t take off his hoodie, preferring instead to sweat it out with the crowd. As his live show  balanced on a tight rope between rock star and rap star, the energy was electric and humid at the same time. As if we were in a foreign country. I wonder if when Ddot wrote ‘I’m from New Zealand their not used to seeing different faces, and they don’t ever turn the radio to different stations’ he was seeking to change that about us. I like what he’s doing. Falling Into Place will be out October 18th, 2013.

Check out our photo album from the show by Jam Photography ( By Anna Jamieson) HERE

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