Review: Majid Jordan/ Good People

Majid Jordan
If you’ve found yourself a victim to the groovy, easy-to-sing-along,  jam “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake, it would be common courtesy to also acknowledge everyone else apart from Drake who was behind the making of that hit track. Majid Jordan, who also go by the pseudonym Good People. Toronto, Ontario producer/vocalist duo Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullamn make this group and are literally one of the most enigmatic groups to come forth into music today. It’s not certain who does what music wise, however it looks as though both are producers which could make up for their blended sound. Drake really has a thing for low-key but insanely talented acts — evidently. If you thought The Weeknd was hard to find when he was still on the come up, try searching for these guys on Google images. They’ve been signed to Drake’s record label OVO Sound with PartyNextDoor, and once you listen to their work, you completely understand why Drake had to snatch them off the market and make them part of his crew immediately.

Majid Jordan’s EP, titled After Hours, was a mission within itself to find. It’s a gem though, with all 8 tracks being the kind you’d zone out on or dance to whenever you feel like a good time. Much like “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, they’ve got a disco/EDM/chillwave sound throughout their EP which uniquely rounds up their style and identity. The vocals echo beautifully and are simple, a perfect way to give us a chance to appreciate the flamboyant production on the EP as well.

While every track on the EP is beyond amazing, look out for “Hold Tight” if you like a cross between Luther Vandross and European deep House, “Tea & Coffee” and “Patience” for something a bit more tranquil and spacey. This may not be your typical Hip Hop group, however they are signed to a label by a Hip Hop artist. This just goes to show how much the genre is expanding and is not limited to a particular form as such anymore. You’re guaranteed not to be disappointed either way.

Download the Afterhours EP here.

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