Raiza Biza + Friends Last Friday-A Review

Raiza Biza + K*Saba. Photo courtesy of Jay Rangi
Raiza Biza + K*Saba. Photo courtesy of Jay Rangi

Bar Medusa this past Friday was the home of prime hip hop and good vibes when it hosted the Raiza Biza + Friends gig. Opening for the night were Kaivai, The No Problemos , Dartel and Ninja Steps (DJing) to keep the crowd excited for the night’s festivities.

To kick off the gig, Kaivai came through with just his MPC, dapper bow tie/suit jacket ensemble, and a suave voice.  From the very first song, he had the crowd chucking their coats off and dancing to his soulful beats, drinks spilling around in their hands and all. If that wasn’t enough, him and CK who are also a Wellington duo named Mad Handsome, did a few awesome impromptu tunes. This was a great way to begin an amazing night ahead.

Kapiti band The No Problemos were second to grace the stage. This eight piece band is so full of life and that reflected  throughout their performance. Their tunes gave a summer time vibe where you found yourself skanking to the rhythm from time to time, and totally in tune with their energy. “Pancakes” was one of their relaxed songs they performed, with flowing vocals, rhymes and a catchy hook. From the vocalists, to the DJ, the guitarist and drummer, each of them made sure they put on a great show, so effortlessly.

Dartel, who is one of Wellington’s rapidly up and coming hip hop acts, took the stage with just a mic and Ninja Steps as his DJ. Performing songs from his ‘Shoot For the Moon’ EP with top notch lyricism and easy to bump to beats- he took command and owned it which made it so easy to make the audience enjoy his set. This was an awesome way to phase into Raiza’s set…

It was about 1.30am when at long last, Raiza Biza’s jumped on to do his thing. He kicked off his set with the well received ‘They Told Me’ from his recently released ‘Summer’ EP. He threw in ‘Pyramids’ from his first EP, ‘Dream Something’ to change things up a little. He chat with the crowd in between songs, which kept the intimacy of the gig going really well. The highlight of this performance may have been when Wellington artist K*Saba played support on ‘Flashbacks’ with his soprano saxophone. This took the performance to all new heights and it was great for anyone who had not seen K*Saba perform yet. Raiza has been going hard with show after show this year, and each time he has not disappointed. The 1.30am wait really was worth it with such a solid line up of artists entertaining.

Raiza Biza + Friends was the perfect ending to a rough week in the recently very rainy capital. The line up was a mix of new acts with breakthrough ones that have been in the game for a while, and as a result one can truly say Hip Hop ain’t dead. Not in Wellington anyways.

Cover photo courtesy of Ninja Steps.

Raiza Biza video courtesy of Ill Magik.

Video taken on the night below: 

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